2018 Survey

2018 Survey

The 2018 primary election is over. Which means that we now know who the Democratic and Republican candidates for the Illinois state house and state senate will be across the state.

So the members of Illinois Redistricting Collaborative including: Asian-Americans Advancing Justice – Chicago, Better Government Association, Business and Professional People for the Public Interest, Campaign Legal Center, CHANGE Illinois, Citizen Advocacy Center, Common Cause Illinois, Illinois Campaign for Political Reform, Illinois Chamber of Commerce, Illinois Farm Bureau, League of Women Voters Illinois, Small Business Advocacy Council, Union League Club of Chicago, and Unite America – Chicago Chapter sent have each of the candidates a 15-question gerrymandering survey so that Illinois voters will know where these hopefuls stand on fair maps.

72 percent of Illinois voters support an independent commission taking over the redistricting process. Will the candidates for the Illinois General Assembly?

It’s time to get the Republican and Democratic candidates for the General Assembly to state publicly if they’ll support the status quo or if they’ll fight for fair and independent maps for all Illinois voters.

As the candidates fill out the survey, we will post their responses on this page for all Illinois voters to see before the general election in November, send the responses to the press, and post them on social media to hold the candidates accountable on their stance.

2018 Governor’s Race

Gov. Bruce Rauner (R – incumbent) Pledged to veto gerrymandered map survey N/A
J.B. Pritzker (D) Pledged to veto gerrymandered map Survey
Grayson “Kash” Jackson (L) Survey

To see the full results from our 2018 gubernatorial primary survey, click here.

2018 General Assembly Races

We sent the surveys to every Democratic and Republican candidate running for the Illinois House and Senate this November. UPDATE: Given our coalition’s focus on passing the Fair Maps Amendment out of the General Assembly, we’ve extended the deadline to our survey to midnight on May 9th.

As we get responses from the candidates, we’ll update this section with exactly what they’ve sent us. When possible, we’ll also place in the candidate’s name a link to their website so you can take a look at where they stand on other issues you care about.

2018 IL Senate Races

Senate District 02

Sen. Omar Aquino (D):

Senate District 03

Sen. Mattie Hunter (D):

Senate District 05

Sen. Patricia Van Pelt (D):

Senate District 06

Senate President John Cullerton (D):

Senate District 08

Ram Villivalam (D):

Senate District 09

Laura Fine (D):
Joan McCarthy Lasonde (R):
Survey Response

Senate District 11

Sen. Martin Sandoval (D):

Senate District 12

Sen. Steve Landek (D):

Senate District 14

Sen. Emil Jones (D):

Senate District 15

Sen. Napoleon Harris (D):

Senate District 17

Sen. Elgie Sims (D):

Senate District 18

Sen. Bill Cunningham (D):

Senate District 20

Sen. Iris Martinez (D):

Senate District 21

Sen. Michael Connelly (R):
Fair Maps Amdt Cosponsor
Laura Ellman (D):

Senate District 23

Sen. Tom Cullerton (D):
Seth Lewis (R):

Senate District 24

Sen. Chris Nybo (R):
Fair Maps Amdt Cosponsor
Suzanne Glowiak (D):

Senate District 26

Sen. Dan McConchie (R):
Fair Maps Amdt Cosponsor
Tom Georges (D):
Survey Response

Senate District 27

Sen. Tom Rooney (R):
Ann Gillespie (D):

Senate District 29

Sen. Julie Morrison (D):
Fair Maps Amdt Lead Sponsor
Barrett Davie (R):
Survey Response

Senate District 30

Sen. Terry Link (D):
Soojae Lee (R):

Senate District 32

Mary Mahady (D):
Craig Wilcox (R):

Senate District 33

Sen. Karen McConnaughay (R):
Fair Maps Amdt Cosponsor
Nancy Zettler (D):

Senate District 35

Sen. Dave Syverson (R):

Senate District 36

Sen. Neil Anderson (R):
Fair Maps Amdt Cosponsor
Gregg Johnson (D):

Senate District 38

Sen. Sue Rezin (R):
Fair Maps Amdt Cosponsor
Heidi Henry (D):

Senate District 39

Sen. Don Harmon (D):

Senate District 41

Sen. John Curran (R):
Bridget Fitzgerald (D):

Senate District 44

Sen. Bill Brady (R):
Fair Maps Amdt Cosponsor

Senate District 45

David Simpson (D):
Brian Stewart (R):

Senate District 47

Sen. Jil Tracy (R):

Senate District 48

Sen. Andy Manar (D):
Fair Maps Amdt Chief Cosponsor
Seth McMillan (R):

Senate District 50

Steve McClure (R):

Senate District 51

Sen. Chapin Rose (R):

Senate District 52

Sen. Jason Barickman (R):
Fair Maps Amdt Cosponsor

Senate District 54

Jason Plummer (R):

Senate District 56

Rachelle Aud Crowe (D):

Senate District 57

Christopher Belt (D):
Tanya Hildenbrand (R):

Senate District 59

Sen. Dale Fowler (R):
Fair Maps Amdt Cosponsor

2018 IL House Races

House District 47

Jim Caffrey (D):
Survey Response
Deanne Mazzochi (R):

House District 57

Rep. Jonathan Carroll (D):
Mary Battinus (R):
Survey Response

House District 70

Jeff Keicher (R):
“I’m all for fair maps, I was behind the last two [reform] efforts. We’re one of the worst examples of what can happen to an electorate.”
Paul Stoddard (D):

House District 90

Rep. Tom Demmer (R):
Amy Davis (D):
Survey Response

House District 110

Shirley Bell (D):
Survey Response
Chris Miller (R):


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