CHANGE Illinois oped in Huffington Post

The Huffington Post published an oped from Ra Joy, executive director of CHANGE Illinois.

A recent Gallup poll shows us just how low Illinois politics have sunk in the eyes of the public: We rank dead last among the 50 states when in comes to confidence in state government.

A shocking 75 percent of those polled–a much higher percentage, by the way, than even the other states in the bottom five–believe Illinois government can’t do its job.

Sadly, that number is not surprising. The promise of a government that works for all people is badly broken in Illinois. Every day brings fresh news about the gridlock and hyper-partisanship in Springfield, the sinking approval ratings for our state leaders, and the resulting cynicism, anger, and distrust among the public. Closing in on a year without a state budget? Well, what do you expect, we say with a disgusted shrug–it’s Springfield.

The good news is we can take direct and immediate action now to help level the political playing field in Illinois. Right here in the president’s home state, there’s growing support for two common-sense solutions that will disrupt politics as usual and make government more responsive to the needs of ordinary people.

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