CHANGE Illinois is a coalition leading systemic political and government reform. CHANGE (the Coalition for Honest and New Government Ethics) includes a diverse group of civic, business, labor, professional, non-profit and philanthropic organizations that represent more than 2 million members.

The coalition addresses issues that undermine our democracy, including ballot access, competitive elections, increased citizen participation, government transparency, unethical lobbying and redistricting.

CHANGE launched in February 2009 as an informal, broad-based coalition intent on changing Illinois’ culture of corruption. Our initiative resulted in the state’s first-ever law limiting campaign contributions. Since then, CHANGE has matured into a stand-alone, non-partisan organization that amplifies the efforts of our coalition members, and brings more innovative ideas into the reform movement.

Through public education, coalition building, and policy development efforts, CHANGE engages Illinois residents in creating a government more transparent, accountable, and responsive to their needs.


In Illinois, we have a problem. A broken political system and corrupt public officials have trampled on the basic tenets of our democracy. Decision-making rooted in political and personal gain and the resulting wasteful spending of tax dollars have eroded the public’s faith in its government and have endangered the welfare of our state and our communities.

There is a solution. At CHANGE Illinois, we seek to create a system that celebrates and rewards integrity, openness, electoral competition, and civic participation.

To get there, we know we’ll need a different set of rules, laws, and expectations, so that corruption and fraud in Illinois are not only prohibited but difficult to accomplish.

But beyond changes in the rules and regulations, we need to transform the political culture in our state, so that the public actively demands the honest government they deserve.

Our political moment presents an opportunity to create those changes–both legislatively and culturally. Illinoisans are fed up and speaking up more and more. CHANGE is working to engage, educate and mobilize communities to stand up and demand needed reforms.


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