Don’t let the virus delay ethics cures in Illinois

Once the most urgent challenges of the coronavirus are met, lawmakers will need to address budget concerns. The state’s ethics health also is a foundational concern that should be acted on this year.

When the coronavirus crisis ebbs, there will be plenty to clean up. Already there are suggestions that state officials should address budget financial concerns, in some sort of emergency fashion, and adjourn.

Certainly, the state’s finances are critical. We knew that long ago, but to do only that would be a cop-out.

We must not let the pandemic be used as an excuse to ignore the need for ethics improvements.

Yes, it’s true that a handful out of a few hundred officials have been charged with breaking existing laws. It’s also true that ethics improvements are overdue. Illinois is known for its high levels of corruption. There are a few key ethics improvements that should be acted on after this emergency. These are the minimum of what should be approved…

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