Efficient Government

CHANGE Illinois is a member of the Transform Illinois coalition which promotes government streamlining. CHANGE’s Executive Director Madeleine Doubek moderated a panel discussion about school streamlining, above, at the 2019 Transformer Awards conference with state Rep. Rita Mayfield, a Waukegan Democrat, and state Sen. Sue Rezin, a Morris Republican.

CHANGE Illinois advocated for the passage of these laws to help streamline government:

SB90: Government consolidation to dissolve drainage districts

Now a pathway is available for the dissolution of local drainage districts in certain areas. Taxpayers might not be aware of the drainage districts they’re funding because they overlap with other units of government. The dissolution of drainage districts is a commonsense way to combine government entities and duties that shouldn’t have been split up in the first place. 

HB348: McHenry County township consolidation referendum bill

McHenry County voters now have the power to vote to abolish their township governments should they collect enough signatures to get that question placed on the ballot. The legislation guarantees taxpayers will get at least a 10 percent tax cut, because any taxes levied by the county to provide services for the former township area can’t exceed 90 percent of the amount previously levied. If this effort proves to be successful, this type of consolidation could be expanded to other parts of the state, reducing the tax burden on residents.