Have You Made Your 2024 Vote Plan?

One of the most significant privileges afforded to Americans is the right to vote, and 2024 promises to be a big and important election year. We want everyone to exercise their right. You can use the information below to plan and organize your voting options safely and to get answers to your questions and concerns regarding this year’s elections, whether you choose to vote in person or by mail.

Are you registered to vote in Illinois?

Check to see whether you’re registered or your voter registration is up-to-date here.

Illinois offers same-day voter registration, meaning you can register to vote when you show up to vote at at certain polling locations. Two forms of identification are required with at least one showing your current address to register to vote.

The upcoming Presidential Election is Tuesday, November 5, 2024 

Your options to vote in Illinois are:

How voting by mail works in Illinois

Voting by mail is a convenient and safe way to vote. In Illinois, you can vote by mail for any reason. Follow the directions below closely to make sure your vote is counted in Illinois.

Vote-by-mail deadline:

October 31, 2024 is the deadline to request a ballot

November 5, 2024 is the deadline to return your ballot

Request your ballot

You can select your local election authority to request your vote-by-mail ballot. Some election authorities will require you to download an application and return it to their office either by mail or in person. Others allow for voters to fill out a vote-by-mail application online. To contact your local election authority, search here.

Also, you can sign up for the permanent vote-by-mail list so you don’t have to request a ballot for future elections. 

Complete and return your ballot before the deadline (Return your ballot as soon as you’re ready, don’t wait until the last minute)

There’s multiple ways to return your ballot. You can do that in person at your local elections office or to a designated drop box on or before 7 p.m. on Election Day.

Or return your ballot via the United States Postal Service. Ballots must be postmarked by Election Day. On Election Day, you also can deliver the ballot to the post office prior to the final specified collecting hour.

Where to sign your ballot?

Remember to sign the back of the ballot. Sign the certification envelope’s affidavit once you’ve finished filling out your ballot. Make sure the signature you use matches the one the election authority has on file from your voter registration (use the version of your name on the envelope you received).

What are ID requirements to vote by mail?

If you are registered to vote, ID is not needed to vote by any voting method in Illinois, including voting by mail, but the signature on the ballot must match the one on the voter registration form.

Can someone else return your vote-by-mail ballot for you?

Any authorized individual may deliver a ballot on your behalf. The affidavit on the ballot envelope, which verifies that permission was granted to that person return the ballot, needs to be signed by you.

Haven’t used or received your vote-by-mail ballot?

You can cast your vote in person at your polling location or at an early voting location even if you have a vote-by-mail ballot that you are not planning to use or never received your vote-by-mail ballot. If you still have your vote-by-mail ballot, it must be turned in to an election judge at the polling location when you vote in-person. Alternatively, if you don’t have the vote-by-mail ballot you requested, you can fill out an affidavit stating that you never received one or if you received one but forgot to return it to the election authorities. After filling out the affidavit, you can cast a vote on what’s called a provisional ballot.

Opportunities to fix challenges to your ballot

Illinois voters have the opportunity to resolve ballot challenges due to errors or mistakes. If you mistakenly marked your ballot or get challenged for signatures not matching,  you can do what’s called “curing” your ballot and responding to a challenge within 14 days after Election Day. If there is a challenge to your ballot, you will be contacted by your local election office and given the opportunity to correct your ballot.

Early Voting in Illinois

Early voting dates

Early voting begins as early as 40 days before Election Day.

Early voting ends November 4, 2024

Vote Centers

All election authority are required to have at least one voter center, where voters can vote, regardless of where they live within that election authority, up to and on Election Day. Contact your local election authority to find your local vote center(s).

General Election

The General Election is November 5, 2024.


Email us at info@changeil.org if you have any questions.


Call the voter protection hotline at 866-OUR-VOTE if you need help.

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