Who we are

CHANGE Illinois is a nonpartisan, nonprofit leading systemic government and election reforms. CHANGE (the Coalition for Honest and New Government Ethics) champions ethical and efficient government and democracy and includes a diverse group of civic, philanthropic, business, labor, professional, and nonprofit organizations representing millions of Illinoisans.

CHANGE Illinois works in collaboration with like-minded reform organizations, playing a leadership role in convening and facilitating efforts around shared policy agendas.

The coalition works to improve challenges that undermine our democracy, including gerrymandering, restricted ballot access, voter suppression, uncompetitive elections, corruption, lack of government transparency and unethical lobbying, all of which have led to disillusionment and a decrease in civic participation.

We believe in the power of Illinoisans. We believe if more of us participate in local government and politics and demand better, we can succeed in improving Illinois.

Launched in February 2009, CHANGE Illinois began as an informal coalition intent on changing our state’s culture of corruption. Our initiative resulted in the state’s first-ever law limiting campaign contributions. Since then, CHANGE has grown into a stand-alone, nonpartisan nonprofit that amplifies the efforts of our coalition members and advances innovative ideas to improve Illinois’ democracy.

Through public education, coalition building, policy development and advocacy, CHANGE engages with Illinois residents to create a government more transparent, accountable, and responsive to us all.