Who we are


CHANGE Illinois is a nonpartisan nonprofit that champions equitable democracy, ethics and efficiency in government and elections in Illinois. Through research, education and advocacy, CHANGE Illinois works to achieve an Illinois with ethical and efficient governments, including fair maps and ballots and vibrant elections.


We believe in the power of Illinoisans. We believe if more of us participate in state and local government and politics and demand better, we can succeed in improving Illinois.

Commitment to Equity

As a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that advocates for ethical and efficient government, we acknowledge that historically, democracy has not equitably included nor represented ALL communities.

Our organizational responsibility and commitment, as an agent of change, is to ensure that we acknowledge those disparities, hold democracy to a higher standard and advocate for policies that equitably represent all Illinoisans while working toward justice. 

We call for racial equity to be centered in all of the policy areas for which we advocate, and we acknowledge that we do not have all the answers. We will rely on and work with the people and leaders who work in the communities most burdened by unjust policies and practices and will remain steadfast in our commitment to collaboration. 

Before supporting or advocating for a specific policy platform, we will: 

  1. Acknowledge harm done by existing policies, before providing solutions
  2. Amplify the voices of those hurt by the policy
  3. Understand who is burdened by the policy
  4. Work toward making the policy racially equitable 


Launched in February 2009, CHANGE Illinois began as an informal coalition intent on changing our state’s culture of corruption. Our initiative resulted in the state’s first-ever law limiting campaign contributions. Since then, CHANGE Illinois has grown into a stand-alone, nonpartisan nonprofit that amplifies the efforts of our coalition members and advances innovative ideas to improve Illinois’ democracy.