Join us on our statewide redistricting listening and speaking tour

Over and over again, the chance for resident-led redistricting has been taken away from Illinois by politicians and special interest groups. Most recently, politicians in Chicago refused to allow voters to choose between different proposed ward maps — including the first ward map drawn by and for everyday residents — to decide how they wanted to be represented for the next decade.

Because politicians are getting in the way of the people and an equitable democracy with fair districts, it is important for us to stay engaged in redistricting reform, long term, and to continue fighting for our voices.

We simply cannot give up on fair maps.

In the upcoming June primary election, the people will vote for the first time in new state and congressional districts under the rigged maps politicians drew. CHANGE Illinois is gearing up to launch a statewide listening and speaking tour to talk about this gerrymandering, the ways politicians have continued to stand in the way of reform, and to hear from you about how we can fight to bring fair redistricting reform forward.Our goal is to travel to as many neighborhoods in as many communities as possible to build up the grassroots momentum we need to make fair redistricting a reality in Illinois. If you support a future where Illinois has a fair redistricting process, please consider making a contribution to support our tour and the work ahead >>>

Please let us know if you’d like us to come talk to your group! If you would like CHANGE Illinois to come to your city, fill out this form to request a tour stop near you >>>

And if you are confused about your new districts and how redistricting happened, click here for all the new map information.

Thank you for your ongoing support.