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Redistricting reform needed more than ever as lawmakers’ rushed second remap process leaves Illinoisans voiceless again

Census numbers show Illinois lawmakers need to correct redistricting mistakes in public

Governor Pritzker solidifies broken promises by signing flawed maps

Prison gerrymandering is on its way to ending in Illinois

PRESS RELEASE: Illinois needs transparent redistricting

PRESS RELEASE: Diverse advocates call for Mayor and Council to end backroom deals, commit funding to community-centered ward remapping in budget

PRESS RELEASE: In the wake of ComEd scandal, officials should embrace independent redistricting

As Fair Maps Amendment Deadline Looms on May 3rd, Advocates and Legislators Call for an End to Partisan Gerrymandering

Poll shows voters overwhelmingly want Governor Pritzker to push for Fair Maps

PRESS RELEASE: Legislators, advocates from Chicago, suburbs, and downstate stand up to support Fair Maps Amendment