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As Fair Maps Amendment Deadline Looms on May 3rd, Advocates and Legislators Call for an End to Partisan Gerrymandering

Poll shows voters overwhelmingly want Governor Pritzker to push for Fair Maps

As the Supreme Court dangerously closes the door on partisan gerrymandering, all eyes turn to Pritzker, Lightfoot

Memos to Chicago Mayor-Elect Lightfoot on good governance

SCOTUS must rein in partisan gerrymandering, give pathway for fair maps

CHANGE Illinois hires new Executive Director: Madeleine Doubek

Supreme Court OK’ing Texas’ racial gerrymanders, declines to hear North Carolina case next term

Supreme Court kicks the can on partisan gerrymandering

Statement on 2018 ballot deadline passing

Fair Maps Amendment reaches 36 Senate cosponsors, the three-fifths threshold required to pass